Encounters (sold)
Terracotta Abstract (sold)
Abstract Desert ii
White and Black Vases
Tropical Afternoon
Abstract with Canton Rose
Standing Figure Hands on Hips
Close Encounter
Abstract Still Life with Dark Red
Anna and the Quilted Coat ii
Abstract Desert vi
Flowers and a Green Vase
Abstract Landscape
Sharon Backview i
Little Ink Desert iv
Little Ink Desert vi
Two Little Ink Landscapes iv
Chrysanthemums and Thistles
The Tall Vase
Black Jug and Fruit
Still Life with Jug, Fruit and Basket
Aubergines, Avocado and Garlic
Still Life with a White Table Cloth
Abstract and Lemon Yellow
Abstract Spring
Abstract Hint of Autumn
Desert Sun
Three Dancers in Tutus ii
Dancing with Shadows iii
Black Abstract iv
Black Abstract vii
Little ink Landscape v
Abstract Desert ix
Sharon Backview v
Sharon in Yellow and Green
Sharon Backview iii
Guitar Player and Still Life
Seated Woman and Still Life
Ava with Red Feathers
Litttle Ink Desert viii
Little ink Desert x